Public Children: Shaping New Law into Solution Focused Answers for Your Clients

Wed 14 November 2018

The Lowry Hotel 50 Dearmans Pl Manchester M3 5LH

Answers to 11 Thorny Questions: Directly from 6 QCs and 1 District Judge

5 hrs CPD

£249 + VAT

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  1. Registration and coffee

  2. Chair's Introduction

    Public children: Shaping new law into solution focused answers for clients

    Chaired by: Michael Devlin of Stephensons

    Michael is "revered for his expertise in children matters such as care proceedings." He is a "Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year" and vice president of the Manchester Law Society.

  3. Placement orders

    Cutting through all the noise, which factors carry weight when the Court undertakes a holistic analysis of placement options, e.g. kinship care?

    Answered by: Frances Judd QC

    Frances "has a phenomenal reputation." "She orchestrates a courtroom with such ease and charm." "She makes the complex simple." She sits as a Deputy High Court Judge.

  4. Fact finding hearings

    When do you pursue a finding? What is meant by “significant injury” e.g. NAI: bruise v fracture?

    How do you deal with retracted allegations?

    Answered by: Susan Grocott QC

    Susan is "a fabulous advocate and leader" and "rapidly distils complex information to the essential arguments." She sits as Deputy High Court Judge.

  5. Morning coffee

  6. Care orders

    In the context of care orders, how do you balance the competing rights and welfare interests of siblings which may mean splitting them up?

    Answered by: Vanessa Meachin QC

    Vanessa is "hailed for her committed and dogged approach and superb advocacy." She is a legal committee member of British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering.

  7. Adoption

    What are the unresolved issues - both legal and practical - of birth parents being notified about adoption applications?

    How are the judges reacting?

    Answered by: Gillian Irving QC

    Gillian is "a seasoned silk with deep expertise in highly complex cases." The Jersey Government short-listed her to chair its Independent Inquiry into historical abuse.

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  9. Lunch

  10. Child evidence

    Using real-life examples of how to overcome the problems, when and with what safeguards, should a child give direct evidence to the court?

    Answered by: Karl Rowley QC

    Karl is "a wonderful silk for complex children matters." "Just out of this planet." "He finds unusual arguments and angles to cases and uses them skilfully."

  11. Contact

    Where are the "red lines" of bad practice on contact, including post-proceedings and post adoption contact between siblings and even between parents and children?

    Answered by: Elizabeth Isaacs QC

    Elizabeth is "a titan for children’s work." "Always a first choice." "She radiates creative energy and is a joy to work with.” She sits as a Deputy High Court Judge.

  12. Litigants in person

    Concerning litigants-in-person, how are the courts rescuing the position in irregular fact-finding hearings or applications over alleged contact breaches etc.?

    Answered by: Caroline Willbourne

    Caroline has sat as a Deputy District judge since 1993. "Hugely experienced." "She has a gift for providing straightforward, user-friendly advice on complicated problems."

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  14. Close of conference

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