Family: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

Tue 6 November 2018

The Playfair Building, Surgeons' Hall Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DW

Answers to 10 Thorny Questions: Directly from 7 Venerated Lawyers and 1 Family Therapist

5 hrs CPD

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  1. Registration and coffee

  2. Introduction

    Family: shaping new law into solution-focused advice for your clients

    Chaired by: Sheriff Wendy Sheehan

    Wendy is a specialist family and adoption sheriff in Edinburgh. She brings a huge number of the most closely-watched cases to the table.

  3. Cohabitation

    What are the golden rules of how to persuade The Court to make a significant financial award to cohabiting parties?

    Answered by: Frank Burr of Arnot Manderson Advocates

    Frank has a stellar reputation for financial provision cases. "He exudes confidence and gravitas and is someone you want on your side.”

  4. Tax reduction

    How do you soften the position for clients facing an expensive tax bill on divorce, e.g. shared business interests, second homes and multiple properties?

    Answered by: Richard Smith of Brodies

    Richard is "straightforward, no-nonsense and simply superb." He regularly acts on complicated, high-value financial provision cases.

  5. Morning coffee

  6. Intractable contact

    Applying the lessons of recent cases, how do you guide clients through the twists and turns of intractable contact disputes?

    What are your options?

    Answered by: Philippa Cunniff of Gilson Gray

    Philippa is "especially well regarded for her work on high-stakes divorce." She is "sharp, clever and a joy to work with."

  7. Pension valuation

    What is the real value of a pension when it comes to divorce?

    Answered by: David Nelson of Intelligent Capital

    David specialises in pensions and divorce. He is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute and an associate member of the FLA.

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  9. Lunch

  10. Parent refusal

    When faced with "parent refusal," what can you do to ensure that responsibility is placed firmly on parents rather than children?

    Answered by: Nick Child

    Nick is a family therapist and retired child and family psychiatrist. He specialises in high-conflict and alienating relationships.

  11. Dissipation of assets

    Going beyond the obvious, what is a tangible methodology for obtaining financial information and so preventing the dissipation of assets?

    Answered by: Rhona Adams of Morton Fraser

    Rhona has phenomenal judgement and an unerring instinct for what the courts might do. She builds incredible faith in her clients.

  12. Relocation

    When deciding whether to relocate a child, can it now be said that the parents' relationship with the child trumps all other arguments (MCB v. NMF)?

    Answered by: Susan Oswald of Sheehan Kelsey Oswald

    Susan is particularly effective in child-related disputes. "She is unfailingly calm and a beacon of strength for her clients."

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