Costs, Jackson, LASPO: Shaping the Rules into Solution-Focused Advice for Costs Lawyers and Litigators

Tue 28 March 2017

The Caledonian Club 9 Halkin St London SW1X 7DR

Answers to 14 Thorny Questions: Directly from 2 Costs Judges, 4 Costs Counsel and 2 Managing Partners

5hrs CPD

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  1. Registration and coffee

  2. Chairman's Comments

    Costs, Jackson, LASPO: Shaping the rules into solution-focused advice for costs lawyers and litigators

    Chaired by: Andrew Post QC

    Andrew is an immensely experienced costs silk. He is a great communicator and at the forefront of developments. He is an Assessor for High Court Costs Appeals and Head of Hailsham Chambers' Costs Group.

  3. Proportionality

    What are the prospects for consistency and predictability in the application of the new proportionality test?

    How can you advise a client on an offer?

    Answered by: Roger Mallalieu of 4 New Square

    Roger is "the best junior counsel in the field of costs". "He's superb. A master in his field". He is Co-author of "Costs & Funding Following the Civil Justice Reforms".

  4. ​Costs Budgeting

    Are there yardsticks you can apply to reasonable allowances for the purposes of costs budgeting?

    Can you compare cases and so object to budgets?

    Answered by: Master Peter Haworth

    Peter is a Costs Judge at the Senior Courts Costs Office. He was appointed in 2006. Before that he was a solicitor in private practice for 32 years.

  5. Morning coffee

  6. ​New Format Bill

    What is the practical significance of the New Format Bill of Costs?

    Is it open to abuse because of duplicate/triplicate entries and lack of description of work done?

    Answered by: Alexander Hutton QC

    Alexander has "phenomenal command of costs law"; matching it with "the sharpest intellect and best advocacy skills around". He is Chairman of the Hutton committee on the J-Codes and new Bill of Costs.

  7. Fixed Recoverable Costs

    What the current judicial thinking on extending fixed recoverable costs to as many civil cases as possible?

    When will they apply and what will they be?

    Answered by: David Marshall, Managing Partner, Anthony Gold

    David is a "real powerhouse" for costs. He is appointed to advise Lord Justice Jackson on his Review of Fixed Recoverable Costs and a member of the CJC's Costs & Funding sub-committee.

  8. Over-run

  9. Lunch

  10. ​Part 36 Offers

    Tactically, what is the most effective use of Part 36 Offers in cases where Costs are fixed per CPR 45?

    Answered by: Shaman Kapoor of Temple Garden Chambers

    Shaman is "“absolutely brilliant"; "pragmatic, tough, enthusiastic and efficient". He is a contributing editor to "Greenslade on Costs" and acted in Peters & Peters llp v Mirchandani.

  11. ​Detailed Assessment

    To what extent is an "agreed" or "assessed" Budget still open to attack at Detailed Assessment?

    How much weight will conditions, caveats and recorded comments carry?

    Answered by: District Judge Ian Besford

    Ian was appointed as District Judge in 1999 and Regional Costs Judge for the North East in 2005. Before that he was a solicitor private practice and principal of a cost drafting firm.

  12. ​Beyond the SCCO

    Can the parties agree to dispense with budgeting?

    Does the court have to approve their consent order?

    Where does cost mediation fit into the matrix?

    Answered by: Iain Stark, Head of the Costs Department, Weightmans

    Iain is known for his capacity to solve disputes via innovative solutions outside the normal ambit of Legal Costs. He is Chairman of the Association of Costs Lawyers.

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  14. Close of conference

** All speaker quotes are taken from Chambers Directory, Who's Who Legal and Legal 500

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