Matrimonial Finance: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

Wed 23 May 2018

The Caledonian Club 9 Halkin Street London SW1X 7DR

Answers to 14 Thorny Questions: Directly from 8 of the UK's Most In-Demand QCs, Judges and Solicitors

5 hrs CPD

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  1. Registration and coffee

  2. Chairman's Introduction

    Matrimonial Finance: Shaping new law into solution-focused advice for your clients

    Chaired by: Michael Sternberg QC

    Michael is a "financial remedy expert". He is "proactive, thinks outside the box and comes up with creative solutions to difficult problems", and known to be "everything one could ask for in a QC".

  3. Post-separation accrual

    Using real-life examples, how do you balance "endeavour" and "chance" when advising on post-separation accrual of income and capital (wealth,) e.g. bonuses, the increase in share value of companies, development work on a property etc.?

    Answered by: Sir Mathew Thorpe

    Sir Mathew is a former Lord Justice of Appeal and Vice-President of the Family Division. He is a winner of the Cornwell Award for Outstanding Contribution to Family Law.

  4. Short marriages

    In short marriages, what are the new arguments that you can use over the sharing and ring-fencing of assets?

    Is prior cohabitation a factor?

    Does the housing of minor children trump all?

    Answered by: Brent Molyneux QC

    Brent "is a star for financial disputes". "His advice is razor sharp and practical". "He seems to know everything". He is a winner of the award for "Family Barrister of the Year".

  5. Morning coffee

  6. Enforcement

    If one spouse is being obstructive, what are your legal and practical options when trying to enforce an order for the sale of the family home (or enforce generally)?

    What lengths do you go to?

    Answered by: Frank Feehan QC

    Frank is a "High Court performer of the first water". Creative and a master strategist, he "always finds interesting angles of arguments and causes problems for the other side".

  7. Reasonable needs

    What are the golden rules of how to challenge a spouse's monthly budget on the grounds of reasonable need?

    What evidence do you require?

    What will sway the court?

    How do you gain an edge?

    Answered by: Sally Harrison QC

    Sally is an "absolute superstar". She is "one of a select few of the best mat finance QCs in the country". "Her submissions in the Supreme Court leave others standing".

  8. Over-run

  9. Lunch

  10. Difficult finances

    Drawing on live cases, how do you protect a client faced with a spouse in difficult financial circumstances, e.g. pending bankruptcy or IVA or mortgaged to the hilt with money lost on failed ventures?

    Answered by: Alexis Campbell QC

    Alexis assists clients with complex company, trust and pension matters. She is "staggeringly good, not only at grasping commercial practicalities, but also in presenting them".

  11. Maintenance

    Applying the lessons of recent cases, what can you achieve for your clients over the quantum and duration of maintenance orders?

    Answered by: James Pirrie of Family Law in Partnership

    James is "an ace - a trail blazer in dispute resolution - he really understands family dynamics". He is co-author of "Towards the Light: A Way Through Divorce and Separation”.

  12. Arbitration

    What are the practical and legal implications of arbitration in family cases?

    Where are the red lines?

    What will sway your case?

    Answered by: David Balcombe QC

    David's family finance practice is "outstanding". "He’s the person you go to if you want sane, objective judgement”. He is a gifted public speaker and acts as a family arbitrator.

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  14. Close of conference