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Matrimonial Finance: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

  • Tue 16th June 2020 until Wed 29th July 2020
  • On-demand
  • 5 hrs 30 mins CPD

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So you know what to expect, here is a clip from the on-demand recordings for Matrimonial Finance

On-demand Programme

  1. Chair's Introduction

    Matrimonial Finance: Shaping new law into solution-focused advice for your clients

    Chaired by: Alexis Campbell QC

    Alexis is "staggeringly good, not only at grasping detail and commercial practicalities of a case but also in presenting them." "She gives you answers rather than opinions."

  2. Private companies

    How do you treat deferred lump sums and the probable future sale of a private company that is clearly a family asset, particularly when both spouses are employed by it and rely on it for income?

    Answered by: Sally Harrison QC

    Sally is an "absolute superstar." She is "one of a select few of the best mat finance QCs in the country." "Her submissions in the Supreme Court leave others standing."

  3. Relationship-generated disadvantage

    In light of Mr Justice Moor’s decision, how far can you push the court with “relationship-generated disadvantage” arguments?

    Answered by: Philip Cayford QC

    Philip is "one of the pre-eminent matrimonial finance silks." "Incredibly wise; a fabulous performer in court." He acted for the son of the divorcing Norwegian parents who had launched Viking Cruises.

  4. Overseas cases

    Despite the hullabaloo over Potanin v Potanina, what remedies are available to a financially weaker spouse following an overseas divorce which provided inadequate financial provision?

    Answered by: Catherine Cowton QC

    Catherine "is frighteningly clever, cuts through jargon, puff and smoke and mirrors, and secures sensational results." She appeared in Z v Z, the CA Part III MFPA case before Potanin.

  5. Valuations

    How do you dive into company valuations and find the right answer?

    Answered by: Nicholas Yates QC

    Nicholas is "one of the best legal minds at the family Bar." “Exceptionally persuasive,” “astonishingly good,” "incredible on his feet.” He is a regular and highly sought-after commentator.

  6. Variations

    Drawing on live cases, how far can you push the Court when arguing for the variation of a maintenance order, e.g. if the paying party is retiring or the receiving party inherits or is cohabiting?

    Answered by: Abigail Bennett of JMW Solicitors

    Abigail is a Deputy District Judge; she frequently sits in the most complicated money cases. "She is totally in command, knows everything and instils real confidence."

  7. Economic disadvantage

    If a business is brought into the marriage by one party, how will the court approach the assessment of the non-owning party’s share?

    Answered by: Samantha Hillas QC

    Samantha is "meticulous, efficient" and has a “fabulous reputation” for her matrimonial finance practice. She acted for Mrs Gohil in the landmark Supreme Court case.

  8. Nuptial agreements

    What is the interaction of valid prenup and postnup agreements with s.25(2) MCA 1973?

    What are the drafting pitfalls?

    What about cohabitation agreements?

    Answered by: Nicholas Allen QC

    Nicholas is "a star for financial disputes." "His advice is razor sharp and practical." "He seems to know everything." He acted for the wife of footballer Ryan Giggs in their high-profile divorce.

  9. Inheritance

    What is realistic and achievable over inherited assets, what happened to them during the marriage, the likelihood of future receipt and the position if one spouse mingled an inheritance but the other didn't?

    Answered by: Leslie Samuels QC

    Leslie is a leading light, incredibly astute and acclaimed for his skill in cases involving company accounts and expert valuation evidence. He sits as a Deputy High Court Judge.

  10. Pensions

    Going beyond the PAG's July 2019 report, where are we now with pensions?

    How do you turn the scale in your client's favour?

    Answered by: Grant Lazarus of 7 Harrington Street

    Grant wrote the paper for the Pensions Advisory Group on the differences between Defined Benefits and Defined Contributions and the consequences for pension sharing orders.

All speaker quotes are taken from Chambers Directory, Who’s Who Legal or Legal 500

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