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Matrimonial Finance: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

  • Thu 16th June 2022 until Thu 20th October 2022
  • On-demand, United Kingdom
  • 5 hrs CPD

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So you know what to expect, here is a clip of Sally Harrison QC. Sally is answering the question: How do you treat shares in businesses which are - in reality - an income stream and not a capital asset or complicated by wider family involvement?

On-demand Programme

  1. Non-matrimonial property

    What is the latest judicial thinking on the treatment of non-matrimonial property, including inheritance, pensions and the application of the mingling principles?

    Answered by: Catherine Cowton QC of Queen Elizabeth Building

    Catherine "is frighteningly clever, cuts through jargon, puff and smoke and mirrors, and secures sensational results." She appeared in Z v Z, the CA Part III MFPA case.

  2. Capital resource

    To what extent will the Court expect applicants to use their own capital resources for interim maintenance and legal services?

    Answered by: Alexis Campbell QC of 29 Bedford Row

    Alexis is "staggeringly good, not only at grasping detail and commercial practicalities of a case but also in presenting them." "She gives you answers rather than opinions."

  3. Private businesses

    How do you treat shares in businesses which are - in reality - an income stream and not a capital asset or complicated by wider family involvement?

    Answered by: Sally Harrison QC of St John's Buildings

    Sally is an "absolute superstar." She is "one of a select few of the best mat finance QCs in the country." "Her submissions in the Supreme Court leave others standing."

  4. Variations

    Is it possible to vary the schedule of lump-sum payments AND the aggregate sum using the "Thwaite" approach to revisit executory orders?

    Answered by: Grant Lazarus of 7 Harrington St

    Grant is an "exceptional advocate, legal brain and public speaker with particular expertise in financial remedy cases." "He is clear, concise, helpful and efficient."

  5. Schedule 1

    What is realistic and achievable in schedule 1 applications? Are they only appropriate for asset/income rich cases?

    Answered by: Abigail Bennett, in-house counsel at JMW Solicitors

    Abigail is a Deputy District Judge; she frequently sits in the most complicated money cases. "She is totally in command, knows everything and instils real confidence."

  6. Future earnings

    What is the secret to arguing that future earning capacity, bonuses and inheritance prospects are relevant for a financial settlement?

    Answered by: Samantha Hillas QC of St John's Buildings

    Samantha is "phenomenal - incredibly bright and incisive, and able to assimilate a vast amount of information." She acted for Mrs Gohil in the landmark Supreme Court case.

  7. Pensions

    What are the boundaries on "need" in pensions, particularly in short to medium length and childless marriages or where parties are comparatively young?

    Answered by: Rhys Taylor of 36 Family

    Rhys is "one of the top people for pensions on divorce - his depth of knowledge is second-to-none." He is co-author of "Pensions on Divorce: A Practitioner's Handbook."

  8. Maintenance

    In the face of judicial inconsistency, what are the trends in spousal maintenance decisions, and what is the impact on client advice?

    Answered by: Michael Horton QC of Coram Chambers

    Michael is "brilliant - a joy to work with - and a problem solver." He acted for the appellant in Villiers v Villiers [UKSC 2020] over an s. 27 maintenance application.

All speaker quotes are taken from Chambers Directory, Who’s Who Legal or Legal 500

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Samantha Hillas QC on Future earnings