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Valuation of Clients' Assets for Division upon Divorce

  • Tuesday, 26th November 2019
  • The New Club 86 Princes Street Edinburgh EH2 2BB
  • 5 hrs CPD

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Answers to 11 Thorny Questions: Directly from 7 Lawyers at the Cutting Edge of Legal Developments

  1. Registration and coffee

  2. Chair's Introduction

    Mat. finance: Valuation of clients' assets for division upon divorce

    Chaired by: Sheriff Wendy Sheehan

    Wendy is a specialist family and adoption sheriff in Edinburgh. She brings a huge number of the most closely-watched cases to the table.

  3. Private companies

    How do you value a small private company where each party is a shareholder?

    Do you apply the share value at the date of separation or the date of divorce?

    What if the two differ (wildly)?

    Answered by: Steve Taylor of St James Valuations

    Steve works with law firms, FTSE 100 companies, entrepreneurs and private equity. He is a former Senior Partner of EY's valuations team in London and EMEA.

  4. Special circumstances

    If a business is commenced pre-marriage but during cohabitation, when will “special circumstances" arguments be successful in securing a share for the non-owning party?

    Answered by: Frank Burr of Arnot Manderson Advocates

    Frank has a stellar reputation for financial provision cases. "He exudes confidence and gravitas and is someone you want on your side.”

  5. Morning coffee

  6. School fees

    Where one party has wanted children to attend a private school and the other party has not, to what extent can you offset school fees against any aliment and financial provision?

    Answered by: Adam Ardrey of Optimum Advocates

    Adam regularly acts on complicated, high-value financial provision cases. "He is pragmatic and measured and much sought-after for his clear and precise advice."

  7. Minimising costs

    Which six questions should you always ask your client's tax adviser, e.g. before extracting assets out of a private business?

    Answered by: David Kilshaw of Rawlinson & Hunter

    David is listed by eprivateclient as one of the top 50 advisers for tax globally and won the STEP Lifetime Achievement Award. He appeared in the hotly contested Charman case.

  8. Lunch

  9. Loans/gifts

    How do you deal with parents over loans/gifts provided on 'woolly' and, often, solely-verbal terms?

    What can and can't you do to help?

    Answered by: Simon Sugar of 1GC

    Simon specialises in claims involving companies, business assets and trusts. He is co-author of "Unlocking Matrimonial Assets" and "DIY Divorce & Separation."

  10. Economic disadvantage

    What is the current climate in courts in awarding more than 50% in a division of matrimonial property in favour of a spouse who has given up a career and looked after the family?

    Answered by: Alison Edmondson of SKO Family

    Alison is "acclaimed for her skill in deeply complex financial remedy cases." She is author of 'Multi-generational Businesses and Financial Provision on Divorce'.

  11. Overrun

  12. Close of conference

All speaker quotes are taken from Chambers Directory, Who’s Who Legal or Legal 500

This conference has ended

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