Matrimonial Finance: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

Tue 4 June 2019

The Lowry Hotel 50 Dearmans Pl Manchester M3 5LH

Answers to 13 Thorny Questions: Directly from 7 QCs, Senior Juniors and Solicitors of Outstanding Ability

5 hrs CPD

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  2. ​Chair's Introduction

    Matrimonial Finance: Shaping new law into solution-focused advice for your clients

    Chaired by: Ros Bever of Irwin Mitchell

    Ros has "achieved monumental success," acting in high-profile disputes and complex money cases. She was shortlisted for the Jordan’s award of Family Law Partner of the Year.

  3. Ring-fencing

    What are the golden rules of how to ring-fence private company assets when the "heavy lifting" in building it up predated the marriage?

    Answered by: Andrew Newbury of Hall Brown

    Andrew is "the man to go to in town – he is the future of matrimonial finances." He writes leading columns for The Law Society Gazette, Resolution Review and Family Law.

  4. ​Unmarried couples and schedule 1

    When will the court defer the sale of the home or make a capital award under schedule 1 of the children act?

    What are the contributing factors?

    Answered by: Susan Grocott QC of Deans Court Chambers

    Susan is "a fabulous advocate and leader for finance matters." "She rapidly distils complex information to the essential arguments." She sits as a Deputy High Court Judge.

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  6. Nuptial agreements

    What is the interaction of valid prenup and postnup agreements with s.25(2) MCA 1973?

    What are the drafting pitfalls?

    What about cohabitation agreements?

    Answered by: Samantha Hillas of St Johns Buildings

    Samantha is "meticulous, efficient" and has a “fabulous reputation” for her matrimonial finance practice. She acted for Mrs Gohil in the landmark Supreme Court case.

  7. Pre-acquired pensions

    Drawing on live cases, what counts and what will sway a court when splitting a pre-acquired pension: e.g. (1) length of relationship, (2) needs, (3) conduct etc?

    Answered by: Abigail Bennett of JMW Solicitors

    Abigail is a Deputy District Judge; she frequently sits in the most complicated money cases. "She is totally in command, knows everything and instils real confidence."

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  10. ​Inheritance

    What is the secret to arguing that inheritance prospects are relevant for a financial settlement?

    What can you convince a court to take into account?

    Answered by: Francesca Fothergill of St Philips Chambers

    Francesca is renowned nationally for her expertise in cases relating to inherited wealth. She is a "first-choice lawyer" who is "excellent at grasping the intricacies of cases."

  11. ​Maintenance

    Which way is the wind blowing for the quantum and duration of maintenance orders, including lifetime maintenance?

    What can you realistically secure for your clients?

    Answered by: Rosemary Budden of QEB

    Rosemary is "a rising star of the family bar," "phenomenal when dealing with challenging clients;” "a pleasure to work with." She is joint editor of "Durable Solutions" with Sir Mathew Thorpe.

  12. ​Future earnings

    Which grey areas and unresolved arguments remain after Waggott, on future earning capacity as a matrimonial asset and treatment of bonuses?

    Answered by: Judith Fordham of Exchange Chambers

    Judith "is very senior, experienced and hugely capable." She specialises in matrimonial finance, dealing with cases of high value and with complex assets. She sits as a Deputy District Judge.

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