Shipping: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Answers for Your Clients

  • Tue 7th December 2021 until Tue 12th April 2022
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So you know what to expect, here is a clip of John Russell QC. John is answering the questions: What counts, and what will make a difference in seaworthiness and passage planning cases following the CMA CGM LIBRA litigation?

On-demand Programme

  1. Chair's Introduction

    Shipping disputes: Shaping new law into solution-focused answers for your clients

    Chaired by: David Pitlarge of Hill Dickinson

    David is a "fantastic" shipping lawyer. He has expertise in both wet and dry shipping matters covering maritime casualties, charter parties and shipbuilding contracts.

  2. The Tai Prize

    What is the scope and effect of the Tai Prize (2021) litigation on draft bills of lading arguments and shipping law practice?

    Answered by: James Leabeater QC

    James is "an absolute star, ferociously intelligent, with the best of judgment and real courage in his convictions." He acted in the Tai Prize (2021) litigation.

  3. Guarantees

    Where is the wriggle room for an implied term that a charterer's parent company guarantee precludes further security, following CVLC Three Carrier Corp and Anor v Arab Maritime Petroleum (2021)?

    Answered by: Jeffrey Gruder QC

    Jeffrey is a "brilliant legal mind and all-around star: he brings clarity and structure to very complex disputes." He acted for the insurers in the $100m Ocean Victory litigation.

  4. Damages and demurrage

    How has The Eternal Bliss (2020) changed existing thinking on damages and demurrage for losses caused by exceeding laytime?

    Answered by: Sean O'Sullivan QC

    Sean is "one of the most outstanding commercial barristers at the Bar." He is acting for a shipowner in a complex dispute over the operation of a force majeure clause.

  5. LOIs

    How do you control - and overcome - the risks associated with letters of indemnity following the spate of recent cases, including the Miracle Hope (2020)?

    Answered by: Michael Collett QC

    Michael "has a great strategic eye, superb knowledge, and a pragmatic approach." He acted in the Sea Master, a jurisdictional dispute over bills of lading.

  6. Collision

    Despite the controversy and hullabaloo, what are the practical and legal implications of the Ever Smart collision litigation?

    Answered by: Vasanti Selvaratnam QC

    Vasanti acted in the Ever Smart (2021) collision litigation. "She is incredibly eloquent – conveying complicated points simply, precisely and easily - her clients love her."

  7. Seaworthiness

    What counts, and what will make a difference in seaworthiness and passage planning cases following the CMA CGM LIBRA litigation?

    Answered by: John Russell QC

    John is a Shipping Silk of the Year for 2020 and acted in The CMA CGM LIBRA litigation and Volcafe. "He is an exceptionally pragmatic, commercial and skilled silk."

  8. Liens

    What are the unresolved practical and legal problems of liens over freight following Alpha Marine Corp v Minmetals Logistics Zhejiang Co. Ltd (2021)?

    Where will the challenges come from?

    Answered by: Chirag Karia QC

    Chirag is acting in arbitrations over liens over sub-freights and requirements for stakeholder action. "His grasp of the law and his ability to apply it is second to none."

  9. LMAA

    How are the latest - and most salient - changes to the LMAA's Terms and Procedures (2021) impacting on practice?

    Answered by: Sara Masters QC

    Sara is "hugely experienced in the international arbitration field, both as counsel and arbitrator." Her arbitrations have covered shipping and commodities, ship-building etc.

All speaker quotes are taken from Chambers Directory, Who’s Who Legal or Legal 500

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