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Conferences on Matrimonial Finance

Our conferences on Matrimonial Finance provide up-to-date solutions and practical tips on key issues, direct from sought-after experts

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Matrimonial Finance: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

On-demand, United Kingdom

Answers to 10 Thorny Questions: Directly from 8 QCs and Senior Juniors of Outstanding Ability

Matrimonial Finance
Past Conference Documents

Deferred lump sums

Deferred lump sums How do you treat deferred lump sums and the probable future sale of a private company that is clearly a family asset, particularly when both spouses are employed by it and rely on it for income?

Detrimental reliance

Detrimental reliance How do you control - and overcome - the difficulties of establishing "detrimental reliance" in common intention constructive trust and "proprietary estoppel" claims?


Maintenance How far can you push the Court over Maintenance Pending Suit applications? What is the latest judicial thinking on the duty to maximise earning capacity?

Non-matrimonial property

Non-matrimonial property Cutting through all the noise, how has WX v HX [2021] changed existing thinking on what counts as non-matrimonial property?

Variations - Abigail Bennett, JMW Solicitors

Variations - Abigail Bennett, JMW Solicitors Where is the wriggle room when varying the quantum and timing of payments or setting aside a lump sum and re-quantifying it on a Barder event basis?

Schedule 1 (NTS) - Samantha Hillas QC, St John's Buildings

Schedule 1 - Samantha Hillas QC, St John's Buildings Given the under-reporting of schedule 1 cases, how do you steer clients through the twists and turns of (1) securing legal fees, (2) capitalisation of child maintenance, (3) holding of a property?

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