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Public Children: Shaping New Law into Solution Focused Answers for Your Clients

London, 16th October 2019

DOL - Amanda Weston QC

DOL - Amanda Weston QC How do you secure the best outcome, for children and young people needing secure welfare placements? What are the limits to the Court’s powers to make DoL orders?

Fact-finding hearings - Anthony Kirk QC

Fact-finding hearings - Anthony Kirk QC When are they necessary? How do you reopen them? What is their proper conduct?

Contact - Gemma Taylor QC

Contact - Gemma Taylor QC How far can you push the Court on contact, including post-proceedings and post-adoption contact between siblings and even between parents and children?

Child evidence - Stefano Nuvoloni QC

Child evidence - Stefano Nuvoloni QC Drawing on practical examples and live cases, how can you make it better for children giving evidence and hearing evidence, especially when they hold the key to the issues before the court?