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Public Children Law: Shaping New Developments into Solution-Focused Advice for Your Clients

Court-Proven, Solution-Focused Answers to 7 of the Biggest Legal Challenges facing Experienced Practitioners: Directly from Top-Flight King’s Counsel

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  • On-demand from 24/07/2024 until 22/12/2023

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Andrew Bagchi KC on Fact findings

Cleo Perry KC on Expert evidence

Susan Grocott on Coercive control

Shiva Ancliffe on Illegal placements

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On-demand clip

So you know what to expect from the recorded conference, here is a clip of Julia Cheetham KC.

Julia is answering the question: What tips the balance over a young person giving evidence, by what method, and how would it co-exist with associated criminal proceedings?


  1. Coercive control

    What is realistic and achievable when dealing with coercive control, domestic violence and financial abuse as part of a fact-finding?

    Answered by Susan Grocott KC

    Susan is "a fabulous advocate and leader for children matters." "She rapidly distils complex information to the essential arguments." She sits as a Deputy High Court Judge.

  2. Adoption

    How do you control - and overcome the difficulties with post-adoption contact between siblings, other family members and friends?

    Answered by Damian Woodward-Carlton KC

    Damian is "an exceptional advocate - incredibly robust and persuasive." Recent cases include allegations of supporting terrorism and family members travelling to Syria.

  3. Fact findings

    How marked is the shift in approach to fact findings following H-N and Others and K and K, and what are the alternatives?

    Answered by Andrew Bagchi KC

    Andrew is an "outstanding children silk with a fantastic ability to analyse parents’ motives and behaviour." He routinely appears in highly sensitive and difficult cases.

  4. Expert evidence

    How do you effectively challenge psychiatric/psychological and complex medical evidence and choose the right expert to report?

    Answered by Cleo Perry KC

    Cleo is "an absolutely spectacular silk and legal mind." "Her advice is clear and practical, and she achieves workable and meaningful results.” “Judges listen to her every word.”

  5. Illegal placements

    How are the courts dealing with “illegal placements” for older children now that residential units have to be registered?

    Answered by Shiva Ancliffe KC

    Shiva specialises in all aspects of public law children cases, including non-accidental injury, serious sexual abuse, and factitious illness. “She leaves no stone unturned.”

  6. DOLs

    What counts and what will sway the court in Deprivation of Liberty applications following the spate of recent cases?

    Answered by Edward Lamb

    Edward is a specialist advocate in complicated cases relating to children. He “has both great gravitas and the ability to see a case clearly” - “he speaks with authority, and the court listens to him.”

  7. Child evidence

    What tips the balance over a young person giving evidence, by what method, and how would it co-exist with associated criminal proceedings?

    Answered by Julia Cheetham KC

    Julia is "exemplary - calm, measured and methodical - and superb at communicating the legal complexities of a matter to clients." She sits as a Recorder in the family court.

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