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Costs Law & Practice: Shaping New Developments into Solution-Focused Answers for your Clients

Solution-Focused, Court-Proven Answers to 7 of the Thorniest Legal Challenges facing Costs Practitioners: Directly from Top-Flight KCs, Judges, Senior Juniors and Solicitors

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2024
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  • Dates: Tue, 19 Mar 2024 until Tue, 23 Jul 2024
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  1. 09:30

    Registration and coffee

  2. 10:00

    Chair's Introduction

    Costs litigation: Shaping new developments into solution-focused answers for your clients

    Chaired by Master Colin Campbell

    Colin sits as a Deputy Costs Judge at the SCCO. He sat as a Costs Judge from 1996 to 2015 and served as a costs officer of the UKSC and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

  3. 10:10


    How do you gear up for the CJC's reshaping of costs budgeting, including lighter touch budgeting, judges taking a more broad brush approach, uncoupling directions and costs, etc.?

    Answered by Master Jason Rowley

    Jason is a Costs Judge at the Senior Courts Costs Office. He is co-author of 'Cook on Costs.'

  4. 10:45

    Fixed Costs

    How do you manage and mitigate uncertainties in the new fixed costs regime, including what puts a claim in each band, the retrospective effect on existing non-issued claims, the impact of directions orders?

    Answered by David Marshall of Anthony Gold

    David is Chair of the Law Society’s Civil Justice Committee and a member of the CJC's Costs & Funding sub-committee. He advised Jackson LJ on his Review of Fixed Recoverable Costs.

  5. 11:20

    Morning Coffee

  6. 11:35

    Guideline Hourly Rates

    Given the sea change in judicial attitude, what amounts to a "clear and compelling justification" for surpassing guideline hourly rates and which arguments will give your clients an edge in disputes?

    Answered by Alex Hutton KC

    Alex has a "phenomenal command of costs law and matches it with the sharpest intellect around." He chaired the Hutton Committee on the E-Bill and acted in Barts Health v Salmon.

  7. 12:10

    Part 36 Offers

    How far can you push the Court over Part 36 offers and the associated consequences for costs, e.g. 90/10 offers, adequate reasons, suspension of interest, out of time offers?

    Answered by Roger Mallalieu KC

    Roger is “quite simply, the go-to silk for costs litigation.” He acted in the Doyle v M&D Foundation litigation and is co-author of the White Book supplement on Costs and Funding.

  8. 12:45


  9. 13:00


  10. 13:45

    Just for Show Mediation

    How do you control - and overcome - the difficulties of 'just for show' participants in mediation, those who aim to avoid costs consequences but not compromise or settle?

    Answered by George McDonald of 4 New Square

    George is "an absolute superstar – highly commercial and technically superb." He edits Butterworths Costs Service and acted in the litigation over FX manipulation by leading banks.

  11. 14:20

    Solicitor-Own Client

    What are the implications of recent post-Belsner decisions on solicitor-own client disputes over large legal spend? Who is benefitting, and what new and unresolved legal risks do you face?

    Answered by PJ Kirby KC

    PJ is “incredibly clued up, owns the room, takes control and provides comfort and confidence to the client." He acted in the hotly contested Belsner v Cam Legal Services.

  12. 14:55

    Non-Party Costs Orders

    In light of recent key cases, what is the latest judicial thinking on non-party costs orders, in particular, what is deemed 'fair and just in all the circumstances', and how do you advise clients effectively?

    Answered by Vikram Sachdeva KC

    Vikram has a “brilliantly strategic mind", is “commercially astute” and “spots points no one else can at an early stage, turning a case to your client’s advantage.” He sits as a Deputy High Court Judge.

  13. 15:30


  14. 16:00

    Close of conference

Conference Rate

Live Attendance

  • Attend the conference in-person at The Caledonian Club, London
  • Rate: £235 + VAT per person

On-demand Single

  • Perfect for one person - watch the recorded conference online whenever suits you best
  • Rate: £145 + VAT per person
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