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Matrimonial Finance Law & Practice: Shaping New Developments into Solution-Focused Answers for Your Clients

Court-Proven, Solution-Focused Answers to 7 of the Biggest Legal Challenges facing Experienced Practitioners: Directly from Top-Flight King’s Counsel and Senior Juniors

5 hours CPD

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  • Attend the conference in-person at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester
  • Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2024
  • Rate: £249 + VAT per person
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  1. 09:30

    Registration and coffee

  2. 10:00

    Chair's Introduction

    Matrimonial Finance Law & Practice: Shaping new developments into solution-focused answers for your clients

    Chaired by Samantha Hillas KC of St John’s Buildings

    Samantha is "fantastic on her feet, brilliantly clever, charming and one of the best-prepped barristers out there." "She never fails to put her heart and soul into a case."

  3. 10:10

    Non-matrimonial property

    What is the latest judicial thinking on non-matrimonial property, including inheritance, pensions and the application of the mingling principles, with a focus on "needs"?

    Answered by Justin Warshaw KC of 1 Hare Court

    Justin is "a strategic mastermind, extremely articulate, and a force to be reckoned with." "His real strength is his totally fearless approach to hard-litigated cases."

  4. 10:45


    To what extent does DP v EP [2023] give you an edge when arguing for a departure from equality because of financial abuse and behaviour, including coercive control and narcissism?

    Answered by Michael Horton KC of Coram Chambers

    Michael is "brilliant - a joy to work with - and a problem solver." He acted for the appellant in Villiers v Villiers [UKSC 2020] over an s. 27 maintenance application.

  5. 11:20

    Morning Coffee

  6. 11:35

    PAG2 report

    What are the implications of the PAG2 report on pension sharing on divorce? How do you get it right for clients and protect yourself from claims made against you?

    Answered by Grant Lazarus of 7 Harrington St Chambers

    Grant is a member of the PAG and involved in redrafting the sections on Apportionment and Offsetting. "He is an exceptional advocate, legal brain and public speaker.”

  7. 12:10


    What - right now - are the trends in spousal maintenance decisions and the impact on client advice caused by judicial inconsistency?

    Answered by Abigail Bennett In-House Counsel at JMW Solicitors

    Abigail is a Deputy District Judge; she frequently sits in the most complicated money cases. "She is totally in command, knows everything and instils real confidence."

  8. 12:45


  9. 13:00


  10. 13:45


    Under evolving costs rules, how do you pitch open and Without Prejudice offers, postpone offers, and what do you do when the other party is not making an offer?

    Answered by Francesca Fothergill of Broadway House Chambers

    Francesca is "a fearsome opponent and a fabulous advocate who has the ability to think on her feet like no other." She regularly acts in the most complex mat finance cases.

  11. 14:20


    How do you effectively help clients facing bankruptcy and divorce, and what do you do if you think the bankruptcy is a manipulation?

    Answered by Christopher Miller of Fourteen

    Christopher is "incredibly persuasive, distilling complex facts into a compelling narrative, and a master tactician." He is instructed in the most complex financial matters.

  12. 14:55

    S25 narrative

    What are the critical success factors when crafting an S25 narrative statement? How do you make it stand out and bring the court around to your client's way of thinking?

    Answered by Susan Deas of Deans Court Chambers

    Susan is “a heavyweight when it comes to finances. No case is too big or complex for her.” “She is meticulous in her preparation and her sense of judgement is second-to-none.”

  13. 15:30

    Financial Remedies Reform

    What is the current state of play with the Law Commission's financial remedies reform project?

    Answered by Richard Barge of Aaron & Partners

    Richard is one of only 3 lawyers on the Law Commission’s Financial Remedies reform project that will consider potential reform of the MCA. He is “one step ahead”, “level-headed and sensible”.

  14. 15:40


  15. 16:00

    Close of conference

Conference Rate

Live Attendance

  • Attend the conference in-person at The Lowry Hotel, Manchester
  • Rate: £249 + VAT per person
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