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Our Private Children Law conferences offer practical and immediately usable answers to thorny questions, direct from world-class experts

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Private Children: Shaping New Law into Solution-Focused Advice for your Clients

On-demand, United Kingdom

Answers to 10 thorny questions: Directly from 7 QCs and senior juniors of outstanding ability

Private Children Law
Past Conference Documents

Grandparents - Pamela Scriven QC, 1 KBW

Grandparents - Pamela Scriven QC, 1 KBW (Child Arrangement, London, 28.06.17) How can grandparents and family members create a role for themselves to play in child arrangements proceedings? When do they become parties to air their case or serve as witnesses for others?

Litigants-in-Person - Madeleine Reardon, 1KBW

Litigants-in-Person - Madeleine Reardon, 1KBW (Private Children Law, London, 29.09.16) How do you approach a Finding of Fact Hearing in Children Act proceedings when one of the parties is a litigant-in person? Should litigants-in-person be dealt with in the same way as represented clients?

Grandparents - Damian Garrido, QC, Harcourt Chambers

Grandparents - Damian Garrido, QC, Harcourt Chambers (Private Children Law, London, 29.09.16) What is the outer limit of private law children orders which engage Art 8, with particular reference to direct contact between a child and grandparent?

Change of Care - Piers Pressdee QC, 29 Bedford Row

Change of Care - Piers Pressdee QC, 29 Bedford Row (Private Children Law, London, 29.09.16) When will the court support a change of care arrangement where a parent is (1) emotionally manipulating the child against the other parent or (2) making false allegations of abuse?

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